Olivia was a lead actress in the pilot “Stubbz” conceived and produced by Harrison Stagner of Stag Productions. The episode premiered at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (TBUFF) and was awarded ‘Audience Favorite.’ Since its premiere, the pilot has shown at the Portland Comedy Film Festival and the Chicago Independent Film and TV Festival.

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In July 2018, Olivia portrayed Zaneeta Shinn in the St. Petersburg Opera Company's critically acclaimed production of The Music Man!


Olivia moved to Oklahoma City in August of 2018 to pursue a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre at Oklahoma City University. #ocu22!


Olivia starred in a short film created by Chris Jackson and Daryn Murphy titled, "Revenge of the Pizza King." This film was made for the 30 Day Film Challenge, and won multiple awards on its premiere, November 12th, 2017. Olivia was runner up for Best Actress, and the film won first place for Cinematography and Production Design. 


Olivia filmed an episode of Law and Order: SVU  in November of 2016. The experience was invaluable and extraordinarily beneficial, and the cast and crew showed the utmost support and kindness!




2017: In the summer of 2017, Olivia attended a six week acting intensive at the Atlantic Acting School in New York City. It is an honor to have experienced the unique, challenging and inspiring Practical Aesthetics method in the midst of dedicated instructors and peers!

2016: Olivia attended the NYU Tisch Summer High School Program in 2016, where she studied in the New Studio on Broadway with many critically acclaimed Broadway artists. 


"Olivia Sargent is the epitome of loveliness as the mayor's daughter, Zaneeta. With her long blonde locks, she has a damsel in distress look about her; you could easily see her as Johanna in Sweeney Todd. We get to witness so many shadings, dimensions, in her character, a young woman wanting to break free and enjoy the company of a young man. And when she dances in the marvelous group numbers, the audience can't help but watch her stand out from the rest."

-Broadway World

"She may be just a kid, but this actress was all too convincing as mean Mary Tilford in Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour at Tampa Rep. Sargent's Tilford was no sympathetic adolescent; she was a narcissistic, poisonous brat, a girl who lied and bullied and blackmailed her classmates while destroying a couple of teachers who passed too near. Anyone who survived middle school knows that Mary Tilfords exist; kudos to Sargent for painfully reminding us."

-Mark E. Lieb, Creative Loafing, "The Year in Lists: 10 Top Performances"

"The accuser, Mary Tilford, is coercive and vulnerable, manipulative and cunning, enigmatic and strong-willed. Olivia Sargent [...] more than carries this adult-sized load. As Mary, Olivia knows where she is supposed to be and when and why. Her face is a blank canvas, and no expression comes to it except her character's reaction to what is going on around her."

-Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

"And prepare to hate Olivia Sargent in the role of the conniving brat Mary Tilford. I mean that in a good way. Sargent’s character, referred to in the dialogue as, “A strange girl, a dark girl,” was manipulative, deceitful, rebellious, and bullying, and she played it perfectly. She could have been the original Mean Girl."                                    

-Joe Henderson, Tampa Bay Tribune

Olivia Sargent Photographed by Desiree Fantal 2015